Custom BMX is an app that allows you create your own custom BMX set-up by selecting colours and colouring in a virtual bike.


We have all had this problem before; trying to decide on a colour scheme for your bike before buying all the parts can be a difficult task. Finding colours that look good together is almost impossible if you’re trying to come up with a new and awesome looking bike.

Now with Custom BMX you can create a virtual bike totally from scratch. Custom BMX doesn’t just give you random colours to choose from, we’ve gone through all the top BMX brands and put the exact colour of their parts on the app. No more guess work!

Go through the app and select the part you want to colour, and then select which BMX brand has the colour you want, select your colour and watch as your dream bike is created before your eyes.

Also customize the bike by choosing between the four options of which pegs to run and choose between a gyro, straight cable or go brakeless!


Custom BMX will be available for iPhone, iPad and android very soon.

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